We are Expert

Physio 24 healthcare is a registered in the South DELHI. we are proud to meet the required standards. All funds that we raise, everything that you give, goes directly into achieving our mission. Find out more here and read how we translate our mission to a global scale.

We Educate

The Physio 24 healthcare charity provides an evidence-based and continually updating knowledge resource that is free for anyone to access - some people call us "Ved for the physiotherapy profession". The website is the largest available physiotherapy knowledge resource and is used by people in every corner of the world.
Every month, over 1 million individuals from nearly every country in the world learn from the Physio 24 healthcare website. Physio 24 healthcare is the largest physiotherapy resource in the world and has the largest social reach of the profession. It is therefore well placed to raise awareness of the amazing contribution that physiotherapy can make to health and well being. By sharing this knowledge other health care professionals have a better understanding of how to include physiotherapy into interdisciplinary care and individuals in need can understand how physiotherapy can help them achieve good health and well being.
20% of Physio 24 healthcare in south delhivisitors are other health care professionals or the health seeking public wanting to learn more about physiotherapy. Keeping Physio 24 healthcare non-commercial and finding a sustainable way to do this that the profession was happy with was important to Rachael and Tony. Partnerships with educational institutions, professional organisations and NGOs became the focus of attention and many groups engaged to contribute content and provide financial support.
Through the unique combination of clinical, educational and technical skills that Rachael and Tony have, in 2014 they launched Physioplus. This related premium content area provides equitable online continuing education and professional development opportunities in exchange for an annual modest contribution. The annual subscription income from this service contributes to funding the Physio 24 healthcare charity.
Physio 24 healthcare is now the largest Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy resource in the world, it is the largest provider of related online education, and it is a community driven project for our profession and everyone is invited to get involved.


  • Improving global health through universal access to physiotherapy knowledge.


  • We aspire to gather the sum of all Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy knowledge and make this freely available to all.

knowledge to share

Everyone has knowledge to share, so let's not hide it let's share it! All Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists are invited to participate in this collaborative project to build a continually evolving, evidenced based knowledge resource that will be openly and freely accessible to all across the world. Through this collaborative effort we aim to be the leading independent resource for the Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy profession.
We strive to reach and involve every Physiotherapist and Physical Therapist in the world.
Technology allows us to do amazing things! With our innovative and bespoke online platform we will have the potential to extend the Physio 24 healthcare project to Physiotherapists and Physical Therapists all over the world, in resourced and less resourced, remote and accessible countries alike.
We aim to foster international collaboration to empower the global Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy profession.


Keep it simple. Be nice. Have fun. Make a difference.