About Equipment Services

Armamentarium Solutions offers a plenty of Home Medical Equipment's on rental reason for long haul/transient use. These incorporate Air Beds, Air Mattress, 3 or 5 Parameter Monitors, Suction Pumps, DVT Pumps, Oxygen Concentrators, Oxygen Cylinder, BIPAP/C-PAP Devices, Ventilators, Wheelchairs and so forth. All restorative gear's are kept up in great condition and our professionals arrange transport and establishment of the medicinal hardware at the patient's home just as give utilization preparing to the Patient/Caregiver. We further empower Wearables based Remote Monitoring utilizing low power blue tooth empowered (BLE) gadgets to consistently catch and remotely screen quiet vitals, for example, Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, SPO2, ECG Rhythm and so on.

For Whom ?

  • Post Hospitalisation/Surgery Care
  • Physically Challenged
  • Chronically Ill
  • Terminally Ill
  • Rehabilitation & Restorative Care
  • Senior Citizen Care

The Benefits of Medical Equipment & Consumables at Home

Wide-scope of Equipment :There are different restorative hardware accessible online for different purposes that triggers the mending procedure in a more secure way. Gear, for example, rest treatment, symptomatic, restorative, solid, respiratory and orthopedic will be accessible making it simple for the senior patients to recuperate at extraordinary pace.

Lessens the Stay at the Hospital :Most of the examinations uncovered that patients recoup quicker in a realized situation like home than in the emergency clinic and a similar medicinal gear that utilized at the emergency clinic can be utilized at the home too. This can diminish the patient's emergency clinic remain while permitting him/her the comfort of utilizing the gear at home.

Affordability :Medical equipment can be availed on both rental basis & for purchases. Considering the admission of the hospital & the other charges, the same equipment can be used at home & get quickly recovered. Given the easier rental options, makes it more accessible for the patients in need.

User Friendly Equipment : In spite of being helpful to the patients at great deal, these equipment are easier to use. Equipment such as clinical beds & oxygen purifiers can be used in day-to-day lives, even after completely recovering from the illness. Some of these equipment are for daily use.

Why Choose Our Physiotherapy Services?




Things to Know

Your doctor, medical device specialist, & the person who delivers & sets up your equipment can give you information about the medical device being installed. They can teach you how to use the device & make any adjustments that are required.

Questions About the Device

Medical devices can be complicated, & the instructions might be hard to understand, so you should ask any questions you might have, such as:

  • Is the device installed permanently or can it be moved?
  • Who do I call if the device stops working?
  • Are there any attachments or accessories I should keep with the device?
  • Are there supplies used with the equipment that will need to be reordered?
  • How often do I reorder supplies & who do I call to reorder?
  • Delivery, Setup, & Maintenance

Delivery, Setup, & Maintenance

You should keep some things in mind about the delivery & setup process:

Delivery Time : The individual who calendars your therapeutic gear conveyance will get in touch with you to mastermind a period that works for you. In the event that you have an overseer or a relative who might be associated with your consideration, it is a smart thought to welcome them to be available when you are educated on the utilization of your gear.

Maintenance : The individual who introduces your therapeutic gadget will survey and test it to ensure it works, however you may need an upkeep authority return to investigate the gadget. You can call your gear supplier with any worries or inquiries concerning hardware activity or issues. On the off chance that you are leasing your gear, your restorative hardware supplier will likewise give preventive support agreeing the timetable suggested by the maker. Ask your medicinal gadget authority how frequently this ought to occur.

Repairs : Medical devices are built to be durable & reliable. However, like any other tool, they can stop working. Ask questions about what to do if the device fails. If you rely on the device to sustain your life, you will need to get emergency medical help if it breaks. Call Sparsh Medical Solutions.

Terms & Conditions

  • For rental equipment's a refundable deposit is collected at the start of the service along with an advance rental for a period of 15 / 30 days.
  • For rental equipment's a refundable deposit is collected at the start of the service along with an advance rental for a period of 15 / 30 days.
  • Delivery pick up & drop charges extra.
  • Refunds will be processed within 1 week after discontinuation of services.