About Nursing Services

Nursing Solutions is centered around making nursing administrations effectively open at your doorstep. Nursing Solutions in South Delhi is for individuals who don't should be in a medical clinic yet can be minded at their home.

Our Nurses will come to you for specific procedures, for example, blood test gathering, for infusions and liquids organization, catheterization, ECG, particular post-operation/bed sore dressing.

They likewise take care of patients who are needy, deadened and oblivious, in some cases with tracheotomy, and those requiring consistent oxygen, BiPAP and CPAP support among different conditions.

We provide care based on our patient's individual treatment plan through the highest levels of quality, compassion & respect.

  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Registered Nurse
  • Mom/Baby Nurse
  • Private Duty Nurse

Why Choose Our Nursing Services?

100% on-roll & registered

nursing staff (GNM/ B.Sc./ M.Sc.)

Certified in Basic Life

Support by American Heart Association

Berkeley HealthEDU-

customised training with high fidelity simulators

ICU training of nurses in

leading corporate hospitals

Undergone mandatory

66+ practical clinical competency checks

Follows international

standards & protocols We are specialized in:

We are specialized in:

Morning Care :For seniors with less mobility, nursing assistance that includes personal care, grooming, bathing and feeding by empathetic nursing attendants.

Bed-Making For Seniors Smooth, clean bed making for the seniors with solid linen, tight bottom sheets to make wrinkle-free closed medical beds for optimum comfort for the elderly.

Bed-Sore Care :Complete dressing and wound care that caused by bed-sores care for seniors at home by nursing attendants who are well qualified in senior care.

Oxygen Management Nebulization, oxygen management and other thoracic care for the seniors round the clock based on the senior patient’s needs and requirements

Injections And IV Infusions Nursing care at home for all medication needs, vaccinations, injections and IV infusions, vital check and post-surgical care for senior patients by qualified and experienced nurses.

Fluid Management Intravenous liquid administration for seniors who require extra help by specialists in old consideration, to keep the liquid parity in the body.

Catheterization Insertion and removal of the urinary catheter for seniors by nursing professionals. In addition, we are experienced in providing bladder wash services for seniors.

Tracheostomy Care Tracheostomy for seniors at home to clear the airway passages and or for the elderly who are in need of a prolonged respiratory and pulmonary care.

Following are the services we provide under this program:

  • Explain to patients about the medication regimen as prescribed by the treating physician.
  • Follow-up calls to provide psychological support.
  • Follow up on patient status, check for treatment adherence & monitoring.
  • Interaction with the treating physician about the patient status.
  • Timely feedback on patient's progress in order to improve physician/patient alignment & disease outcomes.
  • Attend to hygienic needs like diaper change, sponging, bathing & washing stained clothes.
  • Preparing special meals according to the diet plan as well as monitoring the medicines via injections or pills.
  • Providing inputs regarding the health of patients & tracking the patient's as well as the caregiver's progress with the help of our strong backend team of doctors, dieticians & nursing staff.
  • Wound Care (Wet & Dry Dressing).
  • Identifying & Managing Post Surgery Complication with the collaboration of other healthcare provider.